© Luka Ločičnik, 2015


LL is simple, comfortable and multi functional lounge chair made of beech wood,  layers of wood are bent and pressed into shape.

It`s assembled of two identicaly » L « shaped elements, which can be easily taken apart and folded together. You can assemble also a small table, bench, bookshelves, landscape very easy  and without complex details or metal components. 

Chair Dimensions.

author: Luka Ločičnik architect student
mentor: prof. mag. Tadej Glažar u.d.i.a.
UL Faculty of architecture
textile: prof. Almira Sadar u.d.i.a.
consultant: Arne Vehovar u.d.i.a. MA(RCA)
production: STOL & STOL d.o.o.
photo: Matej Gruden, Blaž Jamšek
web: Jure Henigsman